Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Happy 30th birthday!

The ACET family was founded in 1988 by Dr Patrick Dixon, as a compassionate response to the HIV pandemic.

Working as a doctor, Patrick started to meet people who were dying from AIDS-related illnesses but were being treated with fear, ignorance and discrimination: isolated in hospital; or refused care at home or hospices.

Patrick took action and ACET was born: providing home care for HIV and AIDS patients in Greater London, and delivering an HIV prevention programme in schools. Soon home care and schools teams developed in other parts of the UK, and independent ACET teams were established in other countries.

Much has changed in 30 years. Thankfully, HIV is no longer the misunderstood virus it was in the 1980s; and anti-retroviral medication has become more advanced meaning that HIV is now a chronic manageable condition.

ACET in this country is now known as acet UK, and our work encompasses relationships and sexual health in a wider sense. HIV stays an integral part of our Esteem education programme and has remained a focus for many of our international partners, as lack of HIV education and stigma still persist.

As we mark our 30th birthday, we would love you to send us your ACET stories and photos so we can share them in celebration and gratitude. Maybe you were involved in the original ACET home care team? Or visited one of the ACET international projects? Please send your stories to Rachael at

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