ACET Ghion Development Initiatives

ACET Ghion Development Initiatives’ projects:

  • HIV prevention and sexual health training for teachers, church leaders and peer educators.
  • Life skills education is delivered in local schools to reduce young people’s vulnerability to HIV and support them in making healthy choices.
  • Vocational skills training and advocacy for orphans and vulnerable children, including village loans and savings associations and encouraging self-advocacy.  
  • The Mother Buddy scheme is a peer to peer support programme where women living with HIV provide support for pregnant women by helping them access antenatal care services and using mobile phone apps to educate them on maintain the health of them and their babies.
  • Consultation and technical support to other organisations regarding HIV, sexual and reproductive health, and life skills programming and development.
  • Parenting support - Peer education enables parents and carers to improve the health and wellbeing of their children and strengthen family relationships.
Ugandan women and children

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Mother Buddies in Uganda