ACET Slovakia

ACET Slovakia was founded in 1996, in Nové Zámky. Today, ACET works throughout Slovakia with a team of 15 volunteers.

The main focus of ACET Slovakia’s work is education delivery in primary and high schools, covering topics such as sexually transmitted infections, marriage, parenting and addictions, including drugs.

32,000 students and over 1,200 teachers have benefited from ACET’s education delivery in the past 10 years. 30% of schools in the Slovak Republic have requested ACET’s talks on marriage and parenting. ACET volunteers have organized over 400 follow-up meetings and over 4,000 young people aged 13 - 18 have participated in those meetings.

In 2023, the leadership of ACET Slovakia transitioned to a wonderful man called Jaroslav Hladík. He is also an assistant pastor, preacher, youth leader and elder of his church. He served as a lecturer for ACET Slovakia for many years and now is the director. He is passionate about reshaping ACET Slovakia, to bring together a team with a united vision and to build cooperation with others in Slovakia.

Group of young Slovakians