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Young people in Ukraine face many serious challenges to their health and wellbeing.  Despite the increase in HIV infections, knowledge of HIV prevention amongst young people in Ukraine is shockingly low at 23% (UNAIDS, 2017). 

HIV is not the only pressing issue. A third of young people have experienced family breakdowns. Alcohol consumption by children and youth is the highest in the world and suicides are the leading cause of death amongst adolescents.

ACET Ukraine brings much-needed hope by offering young people the tools necessary for building a positive future. They do this through mobilising and equipping local churches around the country to reach young people with key messages on living a healthy lifestyle.

Through this network, they now support 771 volunteers championing healthy lifestyles to more than 25,500 young people each year in 101 cities.

Ukraine youth club

ACET Ukraine's Activities: 

  • Educating young people through a Ministry-approved curriculum that encourages building healthy lifestyles and building positive relationships.
  • The University of Healthy Youth, a supplementary course that helps educators choose topics to best support the needs of young people in their context.
  • Interactive video assemblies which use videos and discussion to engage large groups of young people.
  • In-person and online consultations with volunteer counsellors for young people struggling with their mental ill-health.
  • Youth clubs to disciple young people by exploring their gifts and talents, raising their self-esteem, and promoting social activism.
  • Parents’ evenings and teacher training to support adults to confidently discuss relationships and sex with young people.
  • Educating church leaders about relationships and sex education, child psychology, family relationships, and ministry development for young people.
  • Social campaigns to promote improved health and wellbeing in local communities.

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