Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Amina’s story

Last year, your support enabled us to reach hundreds of young people in Central Asia through the Give Life project. In a culture where teenage pregnancy is high and abortion is used as a form of contraception (60% of teenage pregnancies end this way), the Give Life project focuses on equipping young people in developing a healthy attitude towards relationships and sex.

A sexual health education programme is provided in schools, universities, a children’s home, juvenile detention centre, women’s prison and a probation centre. The Give Life volunteers, recruited from local churches, also run outreach projects and clubs for parents, young people and families, following up the education programme with social and psychological support.

One story of a life restored comes from Amina, who attends the young mothers’ club, where women can access psychological counselling; legal advice; prayer; parenting classes; and business skills workshops.

Without your support, Amina, and others like her, would not have been able to reach out to the Give Life Project for help, and transform their lives as a result.

‘When my mother was pregnant with me, she took some medication to trigger a miscarriage, used a sauna and some herbs. Nothing came of it and she gave birth to me, but didn’t feed me and I was left with my grandmother. My parents never spent any time with me, never helped me. They were alcoholics. Then my mother, father and grandmother died. I was an orphan. I started living with a guy who was using drugs. I got pregnant from him. I didn’t know what to do or how to live.

I phoned the Give Life project. They helped me make some decisions about my life and supported me financially. I`ve got a daughter, I thank God for her. I separated from her father. I started my own business. I`ve got my own dance centre now. I teach children and adults to dance. As soon as my little daughter learned to walk, she started copying my dance moves!

I go to the Give Life mums’ club now. I socialise there and attend the training on parenting and childcare. Everything is changing for the better. I became responsible for my daughter`s life, I am not financially dependent on anyone. Thanks to Give Live, I climbed out of misery and poverty.’

* This story has been anonymised due to the challenges for Christian organisations working in this part of the world.


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