Beaded Anklet Project South Africa

Sugar daddies who, ironically, call themselves “blessers” lured 34 young girls and a few boys into their “debt” by offering them “free” gifts of food, school stationery, and money. Later, they returned, asking for payment of the “debt” in sexual “favours”. The children didn’t know what to do and so either obliged or were forced to perform sexual acts with the men and then felt the terrible confusion, shame, and guilt that often accompanies sexual abuse, even though they were the victims.

Christian charity, Crossroads, got in contact with acet UK and we partnered with them to start a project very similar to the Shining Star project in Zimbabwe.

5 staff trained on the online, six-day, RSE Esteem course and met weekly with the young people at what is now called the “Beaded anklet project”, where the children created anklets and bracelets to sell for an income.  They also receive training in building their self-esteem and about their legal rights as part of their relationships and sex education.


Crossroads' Projects:

  • Mayika Project by Crossroads - empowering 30 ladies from the community to help one another to build thier own homes. It takes them a week to make 250 bricks which means they are able to build one two-roomed house in about a month. This means that the vulnerable youth people who are being abused are able to sleep inside a locked house at night.  These ladies are also able to attend a women's discipleship group where they memorise Bible verses!
  • Relationships and sex-education lessons - Crossroads goes into local and runs relationships and sex-education session for hundreds of 11-16 year olds. The children have covered topics such as being a positive influence on their peers, personal values, self-esteem, substance abuse, puberty, personal boundaries, the idea of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and HIV. They have also been able to take part in team building activities, including a fun-day, (which was like a UK sports day).  ​

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Beaded Anklet Project in South Africa

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