Blue Sky Trust

Blue Sky Trust provides specialist support to people affected by HIV in North East England and Cumbria. Their mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV, empower young people to make safe and healthy choices, and challenge stigma and raise awareness of HIV. Blue Sky Trust's vision is a society where people living with HIV experience happy, healthy and prosperous lives, free from stigma and discrimination.

Young people putting hands together in a circle

Established in 1992, Blue Sky Trust has earned a reputation for being a safe and confidential organisation that pioneers innovative services in response to local need. Their current services include one-to-one support, peer support, courses for newly diagnosed people, and a range of services for children. 

Complementing their support service is their project Think 4 Yourself, offering creative workshops that empower young people with the information, skills, confidence, and resilience to make safe and healthy choices about sex and relationships. These are delivered in assemblies, health days, one-off lessons, or as courses, in schools and youth organisations across North East England.

Blue Sky Trust has helped me realise I am worth something 

“I was diagnosed with HIV in 1996 and until 3 years ago life was good. But following a rough patch, I developed severe depression and suicidal thoughts. I lost my confidence and became virtually house bound. I wouldn’t talk to anyone and I developed a marked tremor in my face and hands.  

My psychologist referred me to Blue Sky Trust where I met Jane, a support worker. Jane visited me each week and helped me to build up my confidence. Through our chats and walks, I realised that people do care. I began to hold my head up again, engage with the world around me, and my tremor virtually stopped. Jane helped me to find work again and now I look forward to every day. Blue Sky Trust has help me to realise I am worth something and I am not a failure. I now take control of my body and my life and I know that having HIV is part of what makes me who I am. I have re-gained my self-esteem and my ability to live my life to the full.” 

Daniel*, Newcastle *Name changed