Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Choosing life in Belarus

Before attending ACET Belarus’ ‘I Choose Life!’ programme, many young people believed that sex outside of a committed relationship was risk free. Their knowledge of HIV and STIs was severely lacking, and they were unaware of the impact of risky sexual behaviour on their physical and emotional health.

Your support enables us to not only provide much needed knowledge about relationships and sex, but is helping create new attitudes amongst the young people of Belarus. Last year, ACET Belarus reached almost 44,000 young people with their relationships and sex education programme (with topics including relationships, HIV, pornography, alcohol and drug abuse) at 270 schools, colleges and other settings.

ACET Belarus also ran meetings for parents and teachers, the most influential adults in young people’s lives, so that the new knowledge and attitudes could be fostered at home and in the classroom.

‘The activities are always high quality, and information is presented in an entertaining way, in language understandable to young people. The topic of sexual relationships triggered active class participation. It was a joy to see the guys thinking about their lives, making decisions, changing their behaviour.’ High School teacher

‘I learned lots of lessons to avoid repeating other people`s mistakes in life. I can teach my friends and family what I learned and support any argument, and perhaps they too will not repeat the mistakes of others. I will now take sex seriously.‘ A. Balbekov, age 16

‘There are issues that we as parents don’t have sufficient knowledge of, or have experience in discussing, so I believe that the programme ACET delivers is very important for our children.’ Nataliya Sergeevna, mother

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