Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Content of the accredited RSE course

Our accredited course covers a range of topics which are split across the 6 sessions as below.

When we run the course in person, the topics are covered over 4 longer sessions, so the order of the course will differ slightly.

Session 1:

  • An introduction to relationships and sex education (RSE) and related legislation
  • Child development and puberty
  • Body image and the influences and pressures on young people from the media

Session 2:

  • Self-esteem and emotions
  • Learning styles – how to meet the needs of young people
  • Reflective practice and active learning in session delivery and development
  • The importance of making healthy choices about relationships - both friendships and intimate
  • Media and relationships

Session 3:

  • Gender language in the classroom
  • Sex and the law
  • Exploring issues around consent, coercion and sexual violence
  • e-safety and sexting

Session 4:

  • Parenthood and contraception
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Example teaching style

Session 5:

  • Student-led presentations
  • Classroom management

Session 6:

  • HIV/AIDS – biological facts and attitudes
  • Pornography – trends in consumption, impact on young people and the law
  • Developing good practice and using multimedia
  • Developing confidence in RSE