Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Esteem clubs in Nigeria

Last November, we told you about CEO Sarah Smith’s visit to Nigeria where she delivered our 4 day Esteem relationships and sex education training to our colleagues at ACET Nigeria. ACET Nigeria have since trained and resourced 52 volunteers, enabling them to deliver sessions to young people on self-esteem, puberty, healthy relationships, drug and alcohol awareness, prevention of STIs and HIV, teenage pregnancy, and internet safety.

Some of the trainees were already running ACET Nigeria kids’ clubs so the training has added a new dimension to their interaction and approach to the young peoples’ education. The rest have been motivated to form and run kids’ clubs.

Already, 12 new Esteem clubs have been formed with 311 young people meeting regularly for sexual health and relationships education. Additionally, the Anyigba team have delivered sessions to 508 young people in 5 churches and a Bible college and, in Jos, a pilot Esteem club programme has been started in Diye Starlet High School where 92 students meet every Tuesday across 4 clubs.

Here's some of the feedback received from the training and the clubs:

“In this Esteem training, I am encouraged because God made me wonderfully and beautifully. I also learnt about the teenage brain, reproduction, self-confidence, healthy self-esteem, and different learning styles. I thank God for this programme.”  Tyoakaa, Esteem club facilitator

“I am encouraged to know that sex is worth waiting for. The Esteem club has persuaded me that sex is good but not a thing to be rushed into, especially at my age. It has helped me to aspire to impact this knowledge to younger ones in the future.” Michael, 18

“ACET Nigeria is so unique, caring and loving. They discuss things that happen to us daily: how we feel as we grow up, the changes in our body, the way we relate with our friends, parents and other adults. This makes me to know things that will help me build strong relationships, that will give me a good life, and to avoid regrets tomorrow in my health and relationships.” Melody, 13

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