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We need your help this week!

Please support us this week in the Big Give Christmas Challenge as your donation will be DOUBLED!

Help us empower vulnerable girls and young women in Nigeria and Zimbabwe to take control of their futures. We are aiming to raise £24,016 for the projects in just 7 days so we really need your help! 

There will be just one week when donations to our work will be DOUBLED by matched funding (30th November – 7th December). One donation, twice the impact.

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You can also help by:

  1. Holding a fundraising event and asking your friends to give - click here for some ideas!
  2. Share our Big Give flyer with your friends.
  3. Like, share, and comment on our Big Give social media posts.

The need

The pandemic has exposed vulnerable girls in Zimbabwe and Nigeria to increased threats. 50% of Zimbabweans have fallen into extreme poverty since 2020, resulting in girls as young as 12 turning to sex work. They often get just $1 for sex and are at high risk of HIV. In Nigeria, a huge rise in gender-based violence has impacted child brides - 44% of girls are given in marriage before 18, giving them fewer opportunities to reach their full potential.

Zimbabwe - the need

nigeria - the need

The solution

With your help, we will empower 8,066 girls and young women to unlock their potential and experience positive emotional and sexual health outcomes through education and skills training. In Zimbabwe, we’ll create pathways out of sex work for girls through vocational & business skills training and at-risk teen mums will be protected from sex work through an empowerment program. In Nigeria, we’ll deliver transformative relationships & sex education that champions gender equality and empowers girls.

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Kids' Clubs

esteem clubs

Our aims

With your support, we will increase the knowledge, confidence, and skills of girls and young women, giving them agency to take control of their future, challenge harmful gender norms and achieve their goals.

They’ll experience improved emotional, relational, sexual health, and economic outcomes including reduced HIV infection, sexual gender-based violence, early pregnancy, and child marriage; and increased ability to develop their talents, gain skills and earn a sustainable income through work of their choice.

  1. Peer education in Zimbabwe - Training adolescent sex workers as peer educators to reach at-risk girls & young women with sexual health advice. Creating pathways out of sex work through vocational & business skills training or support to return to education.
  2. Teen Mums Project in Zimbabwe - Vocational training & the opportunity to return to school for teen mums at risk of turning to sex work. Parenting support.
  3. Esteem Clubs in Nigeria - Quality relationships and sex education delivered through Esteem clubs in IDP camps, children’s homes, rehabilitation centres, churches, and schools. Championing girls and promoting gender equality.
  4. Children's Clubs in Nigeria - Vibrant learning experiences that encourage younger girls in their talents, through life skills education, study support, and recreation.