An international network

You helped our accredited training continue strongly in 2023 with 7 courses training 94 new educators. With 24 hours of teaching time, the course includes an option to gain a level 4 accreditation in ‘Teaching Relationships and Sex Education.’

In-person accredited course October 2023

One of the amazing things about delivering most of these courses online means it is accessible to anyone no matter where they are geographically – as long as they can cope with any time difference that creates! 10 of the 94 trainees were not UK-based and now 9% of our Esteem network is based in another country, with members as far afield as Brazil, Japan, South Africa, and Malaysia.

Each day was packed with information, activities and plenty of opportunity for in-depth discussion and endless 'no-holds-barred' questions - invaluable as facilitating RSE sessions with young people is something you want to go into as prepared as possible!