Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Nireekshana is like a family to me

Over ten years ago, a shy little boy walked into Nireekshana ACET’s clinic in Hyderabad with his grandmother. Sunny had lost his parents at an early age and now his younger sister was dying of an AIDS-related illness. The Nireekshana ACET staff tested him for HIV and were relieved to find his status was negative.

Because there was no one to provide for the family, Nireekshana ACET offered to support Sunny with his school fees. From primary school to present day, Nireekshana ACET has supported Sunny’s formal education as well as providing counselling and lifeskills education to encourage his psychosocial development.

Now as a young 17 year old man, Sunny has excelled in his board examinations and is enrolled in junior college. He says, "I am happy to receive support for my studies from Nireekshana. I want to become an automobile engineer." He also volunteers at Nireekshana ACET’s clinic where he “feel(s) at home here, Nireekshana is like a family to me.” Sunny exhibits great maturity for his age and has a genuine heart for others’ needs. He sees the potential of what he can achieve in the future and is looking forward to it.

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