Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Rebuilding relationships in Ukraine

“Before meeting ACET Ukraine my life was filled with despair. Constant quarrels and conflicts with my husband and children led me into a deep depression. I had no desire to live and my husband wanted to divorce me. Every evening I cried and every day I felt unworthy to be alive. 

My oldest child was being educated by ACET Ukraine and through the school I was invited to a parents’ meeting led by one of their educators. The information given in this meeting gave me hope that I could live a better life. Immediately after the training I signed up for a consultation which was offered by one of the educators. When I found out that meeting would be free, I cried. I really needed someone to help me with my problems. 

After meeting with ACET Ukraine’s educator several times my life has changed completely. I reconciled with my husband, I learned how to build relationships with my children, and I now love myself and my life. Today my family is the happiest they’ve ever been. Recently I have begun to train with ACET Ukraine as an educator so I can support others in parent meetings. Thank you ACET Ukraine - it is a miracle what God has done for me!”

Elenya (36), Zhytomyr

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