Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Being a role model in Ukraine

Thanks to our supporters, whose gifts make this work possible, ACET Ukraine runs 14 youth clubs in 9 cities, promoting healthy lifestyles and providing HIV, relationships and sex education to hundreds of young people. Here is 13 year old Maxim's story of how providing a positive role model at the club he attends has made such a difference to him.

“Two years ago, an ACET Ukraine coach set up the Zhytomyr Lions basketball team. I went to the training because I like to play sports. As well as being trained by the coach to play basketball, we learn about useful topics and tips for life: how to live and act in difficult situations. The coach and the team have been a great influence on my life, I feel supported at the club!

I have grown up as a player, but also changed my character and habits. After we talked about smoking and alcohol, I understood about making right choices and about how I can dedicate myself to the sport. When we discussed family, I took away a lot of useful things for myself, because I have no dad, many brothers and sisters, and I did not always know how to behave. Now it's easier for me to get on with my family.

Our coach is different from the coaches of the other teams: he does not shout at us, he never smokes, does not drink, does not hurt us with bad words. He is an example to me in everything. His words and deeds are the same. Thanks to him, I realized that my life is more valuable than vodka and cigarettes. I realized that if he could build a happy family, then I can too. I am very happy that ACET is part of my life. Thank you!"

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