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There can be no doubt that the internet has brought new challenges to family life! Understandably, parents and carers can feel overwhelmed and uncertain of what practical steps to take to protect their children, especially when it comes to the easy accessibility of online pornography.

A number of the members of our Esteem network of RSE educators are doing great work around this topic – including Natasha Rees.

Natasha is the Operations Co-Ordinator for the Naked Truth Project, a charity that seeks to ‘Open Eyes’ to and ‘Free Lives’ from the damaging impacts of pornography. 

The charity’s work in education, both with young people and with parents, comes under their ‘Open Eyes’ remit.

From a ‘Free Lives’ perspective, Naked Truth provide online recovery groups for men and women who are looking to find freedom from problematic porn use through a course called ‘Click to Kick’ (using Zoom - back before it was cool!)

They also run a programme called ‘Whole-Hearted’ which supports partners of porn users and people dealing with other forms of sexual betrayal.


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I’ve been part of the Esteem network since March 2018 and have found the support and resources provided absolutely invaluable, from the ever-expanding Members’ Manual to the brilliant Girls’ Project to the Zoom training that was provided over lockdown.

It’s really encouraging to hear about how many new members are being trained all the time – there’s so much work to be done in improving the way RSE is taught and it’s great to be part of a bigger team who feel the same!

Special thanks to Gareth for always keeping his finger on the pulse and being so willing to listen to our input.

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Natasha Rees


"I loved the team that presented it, they were hilarious! They were great at addressing the topic and didn’t make me feel awkward in any way. I now recognise that sex in porn is not realistic and could actually impact my life.

 A sixth form student

"Through Naked Truth’s lessons, students are equipped with facts & placed in an informed position from where they can be empowered to make sound choices in this area. I would thoroughly recommend Naked Truth without reservation."

 A teacher

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