International gathering of the ACET family

In May 2019, members of the ACET family gathered together in Kingston upon Thames, for a series of workshops to share best practice, learn from and support each other.

Representatives from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, India, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Ireland and the UK attended, and members of the ACET family in Russia and Uganda dropped in by Skype to say hello.

At the end of the week, we were joined by a number of guests for a celebration evening to mark 30 years of acet UK.

It was amazing to meet people who have played such important roles in the charity's work across the past three decades, including those who had been part of the original Home Care Team providing care for vulnerable people dying of AIDS in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Others have served as a trustee, team member or volunteer; while many have supported acet UK financially for many years, helping sustain, adapt and grow the work to meet beneficiaries' diverse needs in many different countries and circumstances.

At the celebration evening, we heard from Patrick Dixon, founder of the ACET family, and Sarah Smith, acet UK CEO. Representatives from Belarus, Zimbabwe and Nigeria joined Sarah on stage to share stores of transformation and impact, and Esther and Paul from the acet UK team talked about the work with young people in the UK.

Check out the video below for a taster of the evening.

International gathering

Celebration evening