New faces, Esteem

We are thrilled to welcome two new Schools Workers to the team, who bring a wealth of experience with them as well as sharing our passion for relationships and sex education.

Michelle will be working with us for 2 days a week, delivering RSE in London schools and developing our new racial identity project.

"Hi, my name is Michelle and I am really happy to be part of the team. I am a South East London girl and, before joining acet UK, have worked alongside children and young people of all ages from many backgrounds as a teacher, nurse, and schools worker.

I will be working with young people in London schools, many of whom are wishing to explore issues around race and am excited to be developing the racial identity project in collaboration with the young people."

Rachel will be working in schools for 3 days a week, and taking the lead on the delivery of the Girls’ Project.

"Before joining acet UK, I worked for a pregnancy centre, delivering RSE to students in primary and secondary schools. I also work part-time as the children’s and youth leader in a West London church, so am very involved in pastoral care in the local community. Prior to this, I was a primary school teacher for a number of years and have always loved to work with young people to see them grow and flourish.

For the past 6 years, I have also been a foster carer, and looking after a teenager has taught me a lot about the many challenges young people face today around relationships and sex in our ever-increasingly digital world. I am really excited about the prospect of working at acet UK and making a difference in the lives of these young people. Having been an Esteem member for the past few years I have learned so much from the acet UK team about what good RSE should look like. I am extremely passionate to continue the vision of reaching all young people to help them grow in their self-esteem and ability to make healthy relationship choices."