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Bad communication?

"Please do not use email to send us any further information, it is not safe for us to receive it."

This was the message we received last year from one of our partners asking us to use an encrypting application to send all further messages to them, as all their communication was being intercepted by the police and special services.

This was NOT because they were doing anything illegal, but just because that is daily life for some people living under oppressive regimes.

Regimes that rule by fear.

In other countries, the reasons for bad communication are less sinister and more about poor infrastructure. E.g. in some areas of Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, electricity is just not available all day, every day.

In fact, some of our ACET friends are organising an in-person conference, even as we write, because their internet is too unstable to hold it online.

So, next time you are frustrated by online schooling, or too many Zoom calls, please spare a thought and send up a prayer for those who would give so much to be in your position!