Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Bringing light and hope to the vulnerable

Your donations bring light and hope to some of the most vulnerable in society. The stories in this issue of our Salt and Light newsletter illustrate some of the projects which your help makes possible. Here's a summary:

Challenging taboo in DR Congo

Before going to ACET DRC's Girls' Club, 13 year old Esther and her friends didn't know about periods - as puberty, sex and relationships are taboo subjects in DR Congo. Read how Esther is no longer ashamed to talk to her parents, and supports her friends.

Bringing hope to those in despair

After testing positive for HIV, a couple contemplated suicide when they were told that there was no hope for them or their unborn child. But at Nireekshana, they found hope - read here how they learnt that a healthy, fulfilling future was possible.

Protecting vulnerable children in rural Nigeria

11 year old Imrun learnt about HIV and the importance of personal hygiene at one of ACET Nigeria's Kids Clubs. Read more

Sharing best practice in Nigeria

acet UK CEO, Sarah Smith, recently returned from Nigeria where she delivered training to our ACET Nigeria colleagues and visited some of their projects including a Kids Club. Read more

Braille lessons at the House of Grace

Sight-impaired Date and Dae, two teenagers affected by HIV and growing up at the House Of Grace, are now receiving braille lessons. Read more.

Changing lives of young men in prison in Belarus

Sergey has been in prison most of his life, and doesn't know how he contracted HIV. Visits from Yuri from ACET Belarus made such an impression on Sergey, that he has turned his life around. Read his story.

A year in the life of ACET Ukraine

Over 200 ACET Ukraine volunteers work with young people in 75 cities, providing them with the knowledge, skills and resilience to protect themselves from HIV, violent relationships, addiction, prostitution, and poor mental health. Watch the video here.

Supporting young people with mental health disorders

During the last academic year, in collaboration with the educational and clinical staff of a tier 4 mental health unit, we ran a bespoke relationships and sex education programme to meet the needs of a group of young people with mental health disorders. Read more.

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