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​​​​​​​Our sabbatical policy

At acet UK, we believe that refreshment and inspiration are essential to sustainable and impactful work.

That’s why we’re proud to announce a new sabbatical policy that is designed to help our staff members rest, refresh, resource and even be inspired for their work.

Christian tradition has long called for a period of rest every seven years.

As a charity built on a solid Christian foundation, our board of trustees decided to give our staff members who have been with us for over seven years a paid three-month sabbatical.

We understand the temptation to think of this sabbatical as an extended holiday. But that’s simply not the case!

The sabbatical is an opportunity to take a step back from the everyday tasks and responsibilities of working in our charity and to look at the bigger picture.

It’s a chance to reflect on the work we do and to ask ourselves if there’s anything we should be doing differently or better.

And it’s also an opportunity for other staff members to step up into other roles and learn new skills.

By taking some time away, our staff members can focus on helping the charity in different ways. They might be able to lend their expertise in other areas or develop new skills that can be used in their work.

We believe that this sabbatical policy will help us to create a healthier and more inspired team of staff.

We’re excited to see what our staff can bring back to the organisation after their sabbatical, and we hope that it will help us to continue to do great work in our community.

We believe that this sabbatical policy is an important step in taking care of our staff members and helping them to continue to do the important work that we do.

We also believe that a sabbatical habit will help the charity to grow in strength. We want to be a centre of excellence and best practice.

We know the risk of burnout and job stagnation can significantly restrict how a charity can grow and develop. The new sabbatical policy for acet UK is just one step we are taking to build and expand the charity for long term sustainability.

If you have any questions about how the policy works, please feel free to email Catherine at