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and sexual wellbeing

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We hope you are encouraged by the stories in this latest edition of Salt and Light. Your gifts make a difference in so many people’s lives – thank you so much for your continued support.

A second chance for sex workers in Zimbabwe: With unemployment hovering around 90%, more and more Zimbabwean women resort to sex work as a means of earning a living. Some are mere children: girls as young as 12 turn to prostitution, as they see no other choice. Read more.

Tacking teenage suicide in Ukraine: On World Suicide Prevention Day. Svetlana spoke about the very serious problem in Ukraine of high teenage suicide rates. Read more.

A safe place to ask questions: In the past academic year, ACET Ukraine volunteers ran youth clubs in 15 cities, with nearly 2,500 young people. A number of the clubs cater for the specific needs of girls. Read more.

Sharing best practice: In September, Willard Ndlovu, the leader of the ACET CCP, visited Nireekshana ACET in India. Here’s what he had to say about the experience. Read more.

Supporting adolescent mental health services in the UK: Donations have enabled us to launch a relationships and sex education project, working with young people who are residents of a secure mental health ward. These young people are living on the ward due to a variety of serious mental health issues, ranging from eating disorders and self-harm to psychosis. Read more.

Working with vulnerable young women in the UK: In a society where girls are constantly bombarded by sexualised images, and are increasingly led by media and social influences, it can be difficult for young women to navigate the mixed messages that fuel unrealistic or unhealthy expectations and pressures around relationships and sex. Read more.