Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Salt and Light April 2019

Welcome to the latest issue of Salt and Light

Supporting a child in becoming a safe, healthy and responsible individual is a huge, and sometimes scary, part of being a parent or carer. You are primarily responsible, and best placed, for influencing their attitudes, beliefs, knowledge and skills - including those concerning relationships and sex. This issue of Salt and Light gives you an overview of the kind of work we are doing to support parents and carers in this undertaking, through our Esteem project in the UK. It also gives a taster of what our International Support partners are doing.

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Sex education at home

Since its publication in February, there’s been much debate about the Department of Education’s updated guidance for relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education. One topic of contention has been parents’ rights to withdraw their child from RSE: with an online petition sparking a parliamentary debate.

Nigeria: challenging societal norms

Using a peer education model, parents who attended ACET Nigeria's comprehensive parenting training have gone on to share their knowledge with other parents and guardians. So far, 11 parenting forums have been formed, with 296 parents meeting regularly for ‘Better Parenting’ discussions.

Zimbabwe: positive parenting in difficult circumstances

The Shining Star Project parents workshop, for women and girls engaged in sex work, included sessions on communication and conflict resolution: in one session, a dialogue was conducted between parents and their children. Parents were concerned that their teenage children did not respect them: the teens responded by saying, “How can we respect you when you bring different men home?”

Ukraine: strengthening families

When ACET Ukraine first rolled out their training in the war torn region of Maryanka, many of the young people were resistant and did not want to communicate with anybody. Some blamed their parents for their poor living conditions. Thanks to their work, barriers have been broken down and young people have built stronger, more understanding relationships with their parents. 

Belarus: breaking the cycle

The ACET Belarus team work with vulnerable young people, impacted by serious family issues. Here’s one story from an educator who met with a group of 16-18 year old boys, identified as having suicidal tendencies.

UK: parents’ workshops

Our workshops help parents and carers clarify their own values about relationships and sex, and provide practical tips for how to take advantage of ‘teachable moments’ to stimulate further family dialogue and closeness.

A trip down memory lane

In acet UK's 30th year, former home care volunteer, Marion, shares some memories.