A personal message from Catherine

Purple speech marks

Recently I wrote a will. Not the most cheery of subjects I appreciate and to be honest, something I’ve been putting off for quite some time. But with several of my friends and family dying unexpectedly, it really seemed the sensible thing to do and now that I’ve done it, I have the joy of knowing everything is in order.

Purple speech marks


Thinking about death is something many of us try not to do for a variety of reasons, but when we do, we often think about what we can pass on to others.

I don’t want to make you think about it, but having received a legacy gift to acet UK just recently - and seeing the enormous amount of good that it did for young people both here and around the world - I wanted to do the same. And knowing that others have also done this already - I wanted to sincerely thank you now, in advance, if you’ve considered leaving a gift to acet UK in your will.

It’s a wonderful way to enable young people to have healthy self-esteem and respect for each other, which we know leads to positive relationships and good sexual health. And a wonderful legacy for them to pass onto their children. THANK YOU!