A poem for World Poetry Day





Today is national poetry day and so we thought we’d rhyme

a few words all together for you to read in time.


We aim to transform culture, by getting folk like you 

to talk about relationships and things they make us do!

We’re talking of the “s” word 

the one that ends in “x”?

The thing we might get up to 

but rarely talk of it.


Who was it that you learnt from? 

About how that first kiss 

might lead to things most pleasurable 

but also make babies!


Did someone take you to one side

and gently talk you through

or did you ask your brother

or your sister to help you? 

Or did you learn all that you know straight out of Mills and Boone?


Or from a friend who noticed when they saw you in a swoon?

‘cause times have changed since those days and not always for the best

Young people now might learn from porn,  with all sorts to digest.

With fake news on their laptops (and Twitter can be toxic)

The fear that what they see is true, can make them quite hypoxic.

So what then is the answer to make their dreams come true?

We have to say, it’s not that hard  


The answer? 


it’s YOU! 


If you can talk amongst your friends and with your fam-il-y 

about the stuff you struggled with, 

those kids will smile with glee. 

They say there’s nothing better than knowing that your fears

Have been ex- per-ienced before 

It helps us (as do tears.)


If you can share a story of what happened to “ your friend “

and show young folk it’s not a joke

(and this is not THE end)

there’s nothing they are going through

that’s not happ-ened before

by someone else who struggled

was hurt, right to their core.


So please speak a-bout hor-mones

And how they can affect

The way you feel, the way you look

And how if you neglect

To wash inside your armpits

 the smell will be quite ripe

so shower more

and find yourself

deod’rant that smells nice!


You might talk about per-i-ods

And also when they stop

This is known as menopause

It’s why your mum looks hot!

There’s physical and mental stuff that

happens through your teens

it’s not just girls it happens to

- there’s shaving and wet dreams!


And pimples, spots and blackheads

Maybe - acne on your back

Your kids could be forgiven

For feeling they’re attacked

By feelings of rejection 

and yes, 

their confidence

may start to wane and falter

- some feel in-comp-etent.


Whilst others start to swagger

And demand things from their friends

What some would call peer pressure

Some fake honour to defend.

So please talk to young people - 

it’s really, very tough

To navigate relation-ships

With puberty and stuff.


And parents who “don’t understand”

Because they just don’t hear

That sometimes expressed anger

is really hidden fear.

So give young folk a better chance

At reaching their potential

By offering to listen well

Cos listening’s essential.

Yes, life is not the same for them

as it was in your youth

you need to hear their hopes and fears

and also to their truth.


Life is never black and white

It’s 50 shades of gray

And as they navigate

Their path

They’ll need help on their way

And helps what you can give them because you also fumbled,

And got told off by Uncle Bo - just because you stumbled -

A hurt you carry to this day

And don’t try to deny it!

There’s loads of stuff you’re carr-y-ing because you kept it quiet!


So start to talk to someone

about what you went through


Don’t be surprised if they relate,  

cos they have been there too!

So ask them how they’re doing 

And don’t take “fine” as true

Ask them how they really are




a part