RSE trainers in the UK

Despite the challenges of lockdown, the training side of our work has flourished - partly because we have been able to provide our courses online.

Over the past academic year, 81 educators have participated in our accredited training courses, with 38 of those attending online, and 63 opting to do the level 4 accreditation in ’Teaching relationships and sex education.”

In addition, 39 teachers from 6 schools accessed our online teacher training in the summer term.

Our first ’lockdown’ course was in early April and we moved very quickly to make the relevant changes to ensure the interactive nature of our training could work online.

One of the huge benefits of delivering training online has been the wider audiences we have been able to reach. In-person training was a barrier for some youth workers due to cost of travel and accommodation, health issues, and family commitments, but online delivery has opened up our reach which is fantastic! We have so far had youth workers joining us from the Isle of Man, Scotland, Germany, Slovakia, South Africa, the USA, and Egypt.

As well as delivering RSE sessions in schools in Cheshire and London respectively, acet UK’s Gareth and Paul lead our teacher training and accredited RSE courses, equipping other educators to provide RSE sessions for young people in their community.

Meet Gareth

Gareth delivering training online

acet UK's Esteem network director, Gareth was originally trained as a JNC validated youth worker before moving into teaching relationships and sex education. Gareth has a decade of experience teaching RSE, is an accredited trainer, and is currently finishing a Masters in Public Health.

Dividing his time between leading our training delivery, providing RSE sessions for young people, and developing RSE resources, Gareth also supports the Esteem network of RSE educators trained by us.

One way he has supported our network members during lockdown is to run regular online skills workshops. These have helped members explore and practise examples of software and techniques to enable them to provide online relationships and sex education when and where needed.

Why did you get into RSE education?

"Working as a community youth worker, I met loads of young people who had questions about relationships and sex but they could not get answers from their schools or homes. As a young youth worker, I found they had questions I couldn't answer, I didn't know the answers myself. So I accessed training from acet UK to improve my work with young people."

What key fact shocks you?

"Since 2008, diagnoses of Gonorrhoea in England have increased by 275% and, if the STIs rates continue their current trends, Gonorrhoea will be more common than Chlamydia by 2028. Worse still, Gonorrhoea is showing signs of becoming resistant to multiple treatment drugs."

What's the best part about your job?

"Answering young people's questions! Training more youth practitioners to provide RSE. Learning new things about RSE."

"Gareth is extremely knowledgeable and had the perfect manner for training. He navigated the online training elements really effectively. Great sharing of resources too..."   "Gareth is passionate and enthusiastic about the delivery of RSE which has a great knock-on effect." Trainees' feedback

Meet Paul

Paul delivering in-person training

Paul is acet UK’s accredited RSE training coordinator for London and the South, and the schools’ worker for London. Before working for acet UK, Paul was working with young people across a spectrum of ages, contexts, and capacities.

Paul has a wealth of experience of working in secondary schools having delivered RSE lessons to thousands of young people. Paul holds a level 3 award in education and training, and runs training for teachers, youth workers, and counsellors in RSE delivery. He also pastors in his local church

Why did you get into RSE education?

"I got into RSE because from my past experience of working with young people in inner-city London. I found that this was an area where there was much misinformation and confusion. This had led to many young people believing things regarding relationships and sex that were unhealthy."

What key fact inspires you?

"A key fact that inspires me is that young people want to talk to adults more about relationships and sex. This tells me that we still have a chance to impact the lives of many young people, so all hope isn’t lost!"

What's the best part about your job?

"Finishing a lesson where the class was engaged and I can see real change has been made in the lives of the students."

"Paul was brilliant, relaxed and very knowledgeable. I liked the ideas of how to deliver the sessions to students using a variety of media and resources..."  "Paul made the day very useful and the delivery of the session was excellent - a good mix of sharing their own knowledge and allowing us to discuss things and do activities." Trainees' feedback

What trainees say about our training

Feedback from a trainee

Feedback from a trainee


Feedback from a trainee

Feedback from a trainee