Salt and Light August 2019

Welcome to the latest issue of Salt and Light which highlights the ACET family's work with young people in schools. Click the headings below to read more about what is happening in different countries, or read the newsletter in its entirety by clicking the following link: 


Sarah, acet UK CEO, reflects on the differences and similarities of sex education in the different countries: “In a recent focus group with 8 Year 10 students in a Southwark school, their desire to access more Esteem sessions, and to start some of the sessions earlier, came across strongly. One student felt that boys need lessons on consent as early as Year 7. 

I have witnessed this desire for more relationships and sex education from trusted and trained educators in every country I have visited. People may see sex as a taboo topic in Britain due to the stereotypical view of us being rather reserved, yet, sex seems to be a taboo topic everywhere I go.

Around the world, the ACET family are providing young people with vital relationships and sex education, relevant for their context. For example, ACET Ukraine has developed lessons on suicide prevention due to high teenage suicide rates. ACET Nigeria plan to include similar lessons in their programme as suicide rates there are now the 5th highest in the world.

ACET Belarus has a strong emphasis on drugs and alcohol education as part of their programme due to the significant impact that substance abuse has on family relationships across Belarus. Anna, our International Support Officer, and I saw their work in March and were struck by the impact that a former addict’s story had on the students. As with our work in the UK and that of the wider ACET family, the combination of hearing true stories and factual information delivered in a memorable way, and learning through active methods, led to students feeling empowered and equipped to make wise life choices.

From inner city London, to rural communities in Nigeria; from youth clubs in Ukraine to schools in slum communities in Uganda; from counselling for adolescent sex workers in Zimbabwe to those listening to HIV prevention messages over radio airwaves in Thailand and the Democratic Republic of Congo, young people are being given the opportunity to explore relationships and sex education topics in a safe and helpful way. Through the ACET family around the world, children and young people are being nourished with the key message that they are loved, valued and have amazing potential.”

Running for acet UK

A huge shout out to supporter, Greg, who will be running the Ealing half marathon, on September 29th, in aid of acet UK. Find out how to show your support for Greg, or contact us if you are inspired to take on your own challenge.

Uganda: Nakulabye Junior School

Nakulabye is located within a slum community in a Kampala suburb, where many children are impacted by poverty and HIV. The school aims to provide cheap but quality education to vulnerable children; to be a model for other slum communities; and to provide employment for the local community.

Visiting Belarus: watch the video

Check out the video of Sarah and Anna's visit to see the ACET Belarus team in action. During their stay, Sarah and Anna observed a session at a sports college, ACET Belarus talk shows, and their schools work.

Ukraine: Healthy Youth University

ACET Ukraine’s ‘Healthy Youth University’ schools work programme is far reaching. Delivered in 219 schools and 13 colleges across 89 cities, thousands of young people are reached each year. Read Peter's story of how his life has been impacted.

UK: assessing the impact of relationships and sex education

In a recent focus group with Year 10 students, we were greatly encouraged by how much the young people had remembered about their sessions over the years, and how their attitudes and opinions had changed as a result. Find out more about what they had to say.

Thailand: SMART life

Natya and the ACET Thailand team deliver their SMART life and Sharp Life education programmes in six Singburi secondary schools. Young people from the schools then take part in ACET Thailand's work in practical ways, such as visiting people living with AIDS.

acet UK Christian conference

At this year's acet UK conference, we will be looking at how Christians can be involved in relationships and sex education inside and outside the classroom. Speakers will include: Keeth Bandara - pastor at City of Lights Church and founder of the Candyshop Conference; Joshua Heyes - PHD researcher in sexuality and religion; and Vicky Walker - writer, broadcaster and author of ‘Relatable.’