Salt and Light September 2018

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The future of relationships and sex education (RSE)

The Department of Education is consulting on draft guidance that will decide what RSE young people will receive in schools when the guidance becomes statutory. acet UK is also looking forward to the future of RSE at its annual conference in October. Read more.

Inspiring healthy lifestyles in Ukraine

As substance abuse and HIV are growing issues in Ukraine, ACET Ukraine's Healthy Youth University helps young people make healthy lifestyle choices. Read more.  

Reaching deaf children marginalized in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Young deaf people in DRC are often marginalized by their own parents, family and community because of their communication difficulties. Find out how ACET DRC are reaching these children with a much needed educational project.

Esteem kids clubs in Nigeria

After receiving acet UK's Esteem relationships and sex education training last year, ACET Nigeria have been busy training volunteers to reach young people in rural, underserved communities. Read how they are getting on so far.

Changing attitudes in Belarus

Read how ACET Belarus is inspiring young people to consider their future and life goals when making decisions about relationships and sex, instead of following their peers or doing things on impulse.

Helping parents talk to their children about relationships and sex

Find out more about our parents' workshops. 

Educating Southwark

We look back at another amazing year of relationships and sex education in the London Borough of Southwark. Read more.

Please can you help? Stories and trustees wanted

acet UK is celebrating its 30th birthday this year: find out how you can help us celebrate. We are also looking for new trustees to join our board of directors. Click here to find out more.


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