Championing healthy relationships
and sexual wellbeing

Let your voice be heard

In September 2019, Relationships Education will become a statutory subject in all primary and secondary schools, and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) will become a statutory subject in all secondary schools.

The Department for Education is currently holding a public consultation asking parents, educators and young people what content they think should be included within the new statutory RSE guidance. As the government last released official guidance on RSE in 2000, a lot has changed since: not least the emergence and growth of sexting, social media and online pornography.

Topics taught in school can set the tone for a generation: acet UK encourages you to have your say on essential issues such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, the value of sex and the impact of media and technology.  

For parents and educators, there are only 7 questions to answer: 4 about RSE and 3 about the wider Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education curriculum (PSHE).

The version of the consultation to collect the voices of young people only asks 5 questions including 2 specifically on RSE.

Click here to have your say.

Here’s a few tips: 

  • Be positive in your tone, building momentum around the helpful and healthy subjects that could be covered in the guidance.
  • Celebrate good practice. If you know of a particular group or programme that is doing RSE well, write their name in the feedback so the Department for Education hear about their good work and can use them as examples of good practice.
  • Be concise. You only have 250 words for each answer!
  • Tell other people so they too can have their say.
  • Don't delay. The consultation closes at 11.59pm on the 12th of February so all responses need to be submitted before then.

The Department for Education is aiming to have the RSE guidance written and finalised for school by Autumn 2018. This tight deadline means that this consultation may be the only public consultation on the process the Department for Education has time for.

Don't miss your opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Created on 22nd January 2018