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We will be taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge again this year (30th November – 7th December). One week when donations to our work will be DOUBLED by matched funding. We are aiming to raise £12,008 for the projects in Nigeria and Zimbabwe in just 7 days so it is a tall ask, so please would you consider running a...

9th September 2021

After providing for loved ones, many people choose to leave money to their favourite charity and, as a faithful supporter of acet UK’s work, please might this be something you would like to consider?

It’s easy to do and you don’t have to rewrite your whole will, you can just add a codicil - a dated letter, signed and dated by you and two...

9th September 2021

Thinking about selling your property? Agnieszha Kazmierczak runs a real estate agency called Leading Property Investments that actively supports charities throughout the UK and internationally. 

She said, "We believe in giving back to communities to help those who need it the most, in fact, our vision is to help charities grow in...

7th September 2021

When selling items on eBay, you can choose to donate between 10% and 100% of your selling price to acet UK.

eBay for Charity listings are the same as any other eBay listing, except for the blue and yellow eBay for Charity ribbon in the search results - this...

7th September 2021

Use our dedicated Everyclick page at www.everyclick.com/acet as your search engine and raise donations for acet UK, for FREE, as you surf the web.


7th September 2021

Thanks to our partnership with Warp Point, you can run a fun, interactive, online quiz with friends and family - and fundraise for acet UK at the same time!

Warp Point is a FREE platform – follow these few steps to get started:

  1. Schedule your event - and set a minimum donation amount for...
7th September 2021

Our partners at Recycling for Good Causes will reuse and recycle unwanted or broken jewellery, watches, banknotes, coins, stamps and gadgets, saving precious raw materials and giving the proceeds to acet UK!

There are 3 recycling schemes:

  1. For jewellery and banknotes only,...
7th September 2021

As an acet UK supporter, you can raise funds for our work simply by shopping online at your favourite retailers.

Sign up to Give As You Live and you can generate FREE donations when you:

· switch your insurance, utilities, broadband or phone provider (and you can even compare deals, saving...