Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing


24th January 2017

We have just completed our 4 day training in Crawley with a group of fantastic youth workers, who are working with young people in a variety of contexts from delivering lessons and assemblies, to small group work and pastoral care. The training has equipped them to have conversations and be able to run inspiring sessions on self-esteem,...

29th November 2016

36.7 million.

That’s the estimated number of people who are living with HIV globally.

It’s hard to visualise what this number of people looks like. Does it help to say that it’s the equivalent of the population of Canada? Or the equivalent of the number of tourists who visit the UK each year? How can we connect emotionally with...

29th November 2016

On World AIDS day, our patron, Margaret Sentamu, highlights the need for HIV to remain on the agenda and for more to be done to prevent HIV transmission and to tackle stigma.

“30 years have passed since the hard hitting “Don’t die of ignorance” AIDS campaign which shocked and disturbed many people with its language and use of a tombstone...

8th November 2016

We hope you are encouraged by the stories in this latest edition of Salt and Light. Your gifts make a difference in so many people’s lives – thank you so much for your continued support.

A second chance for sex workers in Zimbabwe: With unemployment hovering around 90%, more and more Zimbabwean women resort to sex work...

13th October 2016

We are looking for youth workers, who share our passion for equipping young people with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed and wise decisions about relationships and sex. If you are up for the challenge, read more about our vacancies here.

12th October 2016

Watch our short video below about the new HIV statistics from Public Health England.






17th September 2016

This year our acet UK Esteem conference took place in two venues – in London, on September 13th, and Leicester, on the 16th.

Both conferences had the same timetable of excellent RSE content from leaders in the field. Bethany McDonald, from The Naked Truth, shared her...

14th September 2016

Check out our new video here. We asked some young people what they thought about the Esteem sessions they received, what activities they liked best and what they had learned.