#ChooseToChallenge gender based violence

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating women! This year their theme is 'Choose To Challenge.’

Imagine working in an industry where, if you even reported gender based violence, there would only be a 20% chance that the police would investigate?

Recycle for acet UK

Thanks to our partnership with Recycling for Good Causes, if you have any unwanted jewellery, watches, stamps, phones, cameras or gadgets you can recycle them at no cost to you, whilst raising funds for acet UK! 

There are three schemes:

World AIDS Day: Shared responsibility, global solidarity

Whilst COVID19 has been a terrible pandemic, the AIDS crisis is one of the deadliest pandemics EVER, certainly within living memory.

What training is right for me?

One of the great things about our relationships and sex education training is that we offer different and unique course options!

RSE trainers in the UK

Despite the challenges of lockdown, the training side of our work has flourished - partly because we have been able to provide our courses online.

Mother Buddies in Uganda

The Mother Buddy scheme run by ACET Uganda involves women, who are living with HIV, providing support for pregnant women.

Parents in Belarus

ACET Belarus delivered 21 parent workshops on relationships and health topics during the first six months of the 2019-2020 academic year, reaching 712 parents and carers.

Parents and carers in Nigeria

Early this year, ACET Nigeria trained 24 parents as peer educators to improve parent-child communication skills through their Better Parenting course.

Community leaders and student peer educators in DR Congo

Despite the barriers of COVID19 restrictions, ACET DRC have been able to innovate and pivot their programmes to ensure that they still reach as many young people as possible.

Raising champions

With your help, acet UK and the ACET family is raising champions to stand up for, educate, and protect children and young people in over 15 countries.

Sexual health peer educators in Zimbabwe

This year has proved challenging for the Shining Star Project. COVID19 reached Zimbabwe in March 2020 and the government imposed a national lockdown.

Statutory relationships and sex education (RSE) has arrived!

After years of consultation, the new RSE guidance is finally statutory. The guidance details learning outcomes but leaves the decision of what materials and approaches are used to the school itself.