RSE for young people with mental ill health

1 in 8 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder – that’s roughly 3 children in every classroom - and only a quarter of them have contact with a mental health specialist.

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World AIDS Day: leaving no one behind

'Communities make the difference. Communities contribute to the AIDS response in many different ways.

A huge range of RSE materials

One of the key benefits of accessing our accredited relationships and sex education (RSE) training course is that the training fee includes your first year’s membership in the Esteem network of RSE educators.

Salt and Light November 2019

As we approach World AIDS Day on December 1st, the latest issue of Salt and Light focuses on the ACET family's work in HIV prevention and care. Click the headings below to read more about what is happening in different countries, or read the newsletter in its entirety by clicking the fo

Spotlight on the Blue Sky trust

The Esteem network of independent educators and organisations across the UK (and beyond) are trained, equipped and supported by the acet UK team in their relationships and sex education delivery.

One of our longest running partnerships is with Blue Sky Trust.

Keeping HIV on the education agenda

Public Health England published encouraging figures in September: new HIV diagnoses in the UK are at their lowest level since 2000 and, in 2018, 94% of UK people living with diagnosed HIV and on antiretroviral treatment had an undetectable viral load - so could not pass on HIV.

How do I become an RSE educator?

Sometimes we are asked how someone can start a career in relationships and sex education - and the truth is there is more than one route to working in the field. 

Challenging sexual violence and other drivers of HIV in DRC

With a complex history of civil war and political corruption, it’s unsurprising that gifts we take for granted, such as health, education and safety, are struggles for people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Helping the most vulnerable help themselves

The vulnerability of girls and women in Zimbabwe has heightened since the dashed hopes of the 2018 elections. 

Protecting young people in Nigeria from HIV

Despite significant progress in addressing HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria still has the second highest rate of HIV in the region, and one of the highest rates globally, which led to 150,000 deaths in 2017 alone.

UK: assessing the impact of RSE

As well as requesting feedback from young people after every session, the Southwark Esteem team recently ran a focus group with Year 10 students, who have been receiving Esteem sessions each year since they started secondary school.