We wanted to know what women had to say about wearing make up, how wearing it makes them feel and what they'd tell their teenage self.

A guide to Growing Up

acet UK CEO Sarah Smith has written a book for 11-14 year olds called “A Guide to Growing Up” which is a Christian perspective on puberty, sex and God. We asked Sarah to tell us a bit more about her book:

Why did you decide to write “A Guide to Growing Up”?

Relationships and sex education in the UK

With your support, we reached 1,510 young people in the borough of Southwark in 2016/2017 with our own relationships and sex education delivery, as well as nearly 700 young people in other areas, including working with a group of very vulnerable young people in a secure mental health unit.

Manju's story of HIV, love and respect

One of the projects which our donors support is the HIV prevention and care work of Nireekshana ACET, a community based initiative dedicated to the care of people living with HIV and AIDS in Hyderabad, India.

Changing attitudes to HIV

Our supporters' donations enable ACET Nigeria to run a 6 day training course for community volunteers and church workers. The training is three-fold: Guardians of our Children’s Health, Facilitation of Kids Clubs and Child Protection, and Village Savings and Loans Associations.

See how your support makes a difference

Your gifts make a difference in so many people’s lives – here are some stories from the projects, featured in our latest newsletter, which our supporters' donations help make possible.

#WorldEmojiDay July 17th 2017

In 2015, the Oxford English Dictionary made 

Crossing the Line - or Championing our Children?

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we all become tennis fans, get the strawberries and cream in, and maybe even dust off our own rackets and have a game. Yes, it’s Wimbledon time.

How many likes? #NationalSelfieDay

How many selfies do you have on your phone? Today is National Selfie Day, and love them or hate them, you’ve probably taken at least one selfie in your lifetime (some of you, at least one in the last 5 minutes). But what’s the big deal with selfies?

Changing lives in prison

"My name is Sergey, I am 32 years old and was born in a small village in the Mogilev region of Belarus.  My father was sent to prison when I was 6; my mother had an alcohol problem and was disabled; and my brother and sister had issues too.

A new app aimed at protecting children

A new app called 'Gallery Guardian' has been launched, responding to the risks involved with young people sending or receiving explicit photos.

What did you tell my mom?!

“I was running a workshop for the parents of 8th grade pupils, and then meeting the students for the first time the following week. I spoke to the parents about ACET Ukraine’s ‘University of Healthy Youth’ course, and about HIV, relationships and sex education, and the 5 languages ​​of love.