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4th August 2020

With schools closed for summer, the topic of compulsory relationship education is back on the news agenda.

If you're not familiar with the updated guidance on relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education released by the Department of Education in February 2019, please click ...

26th June 2020

17 years

100 cities

700 ministers in 98 churches

4 projects ministry

It was fantastic to receive this video from ACET Ukraine recently - such a celebration of their far-reaching and valuable work.


9th June 2020

If you were thinking about accessing relationships and sex education (RSE) training and have come across acet UK, you might be wondering what the Esteem network is all about.

We include your first year of membership to the network in the training fee for our accredited RSE course, which not only gives you a licence to...

20th May 2020

As the debate rages about when and how UK schools should reopen, let’s consider the ongoing effects of the lockdown and Coronavirus on our young people in secondary schools.

Yes, their academic education has taken a knock, but shouldn’t the emotional and relational impact on our young people be top of the agenda?


It’s difficult for us right now because of the COVID19 situation, just as it is for many. It's impacted our donors as well as our ability to provide relationships and sex education (RSE) training and lessons face-to-face.

We acknowledge that we are all experiencing the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat. ...

22nd April 2020

acet UK, along with 18 other Christian charities, has called upon Boris Johnson to acknowledge the work of countless Christian charities and to make funds available to assist them in their vital efforts to support families and communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The coalition of charities, which includes:...

27th March 2020

In the UK, we are getting used to new rhythms of life due to the COVID-19 situation. A significant change for many families is the closure of schools for most children. 

One of the advantages of our connected world is the ability to connect easily with people in different countries. So this week, I got the chance to speak via a video...

During the current COVID-19 situation we have adapted our training to run online

During this Coronavirus outbreak, we will not be running any training in physical buildings but we are excited that we are still able to provide...