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28th June 2022

You might feel that you don’t understand 'the youth of today' but this year the theme for RSE Day is “Everyone can sparkle; celebrating differences” and that is what we would love to help you do! Help you to sparkle!

Author, Andy Stanley, said, “Difference is inevitable, but division is a choice.”...

20th June 2022

"Parents were shot and mothers were raped in front of their children. This is the horror that Russian troops made in the Kiev region. Today the Kiev territory is free from occupiers but there is still a lot of pain. After the Russian troops left, there were many corpses of civilians, even teenagers were raped there." ACET Ukraine team...

17th June 2022

This Sunday marks my 4th Father’s Day as a father. Looking back on this time, sitting here with two kids and a wife, I have pondered to myself what makes a good father?

But even before venturing on to asking the question of what makes a good father, with the emphasis being on the adjective ‘good’, I must answer an initial...

14th June 2022

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, was among the guests at a special Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey last week, to celebrate the giving of over £100 million to good causes by the Benefact Group.

acet UK joined hundreds of other charities at the service to celebrate the remarkable difference they make in their...

14th June 2022

Come along to the Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park in October for FREE and say hello to us at stand S3. We'd love to see you!

To save £8 and get a free ticket click HERE.

Join hundreds of local...

4th May 2022

‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ 

This is an old African saying about the importance of community in the life of young people. Many foster carers will tell you this is certainly true in the case of looked after children, who often need twice the amount of love, care and patience than their peers who have not been...

8th April 2022

It has been increasingly clear that Christian youth workers are not always provided with the tools and support to tackle issues of relationships and sex in their work.

acet UK has a long history of supporting youth workers, teachers, and other educators in talking in a school context about relationships and sex, but we wanted to also...

21st March 2022





Today is national poetry day and so we thought we’d rhyme

a few...