Adapting to an online world

We may not have been able to deliver many RSE sessions in schools, but our Esteem training has been very busy!

Serving the community during lockdown in Zimbabwe

As COVID-19 and lockdown hit Zimbabwe, the Nehemiah Project became part of the Bulawayo City Health Department’s COVID-19 Risk Communications and Community Engagement Team and began to disseminate lifesaving health information about the virus.

Online in Ukraine

Before lockdown, ACET Ukraine was already active on social media, using it to educate and consult with young people, and to tackle online issues such as suicide forums.

Challenging misinformation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

From its very beginnings, ACET DR Congo has challenged erroneous cultural beliefs about health and wellbeing, by working with church leadership to educate their huge congregations, and to reach out to and care for those living with HIV and AIDS with love and compassion, rather than condemnation a

Relationships and sex education: yearning to learn

With schools about to reopen, the topic of statutory relationships and sex education is back on the news agenda.

17 years of ACET Ukraine!

17 years

100 cities

700 ministers in 98 churches

4 projects ministry

It was fantastic to receive this video from ACET Ukraine recently - such a celebration of their far-reaching and valuable work.

What's it like being a member of the Esteem network?

If you were thinking about accessing relationships and sex education (RSE) training and have come across acet UK, you might be wondering what the Esteem network is all about.

What will the ‘new normal’ be for our young people?

As the debate rages about when and how UK schools should reopen, let’s consider the ongoing effects of the lockdown and Coronavirus on our young people in secondary schools.

COVID19: a letter to the government

acet UK, along with 18 other Christian charities, has called upon Boris Johnson to acknowledge the work of countless Christian charities and to make funds available to assist them in their vital efforts to support families and communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lessons from Italy: education after weeks of school closures

In the UK, we are getting used to new rhythms of life due to the COVID-19 situation. A significant change for many families is the closure of schools for most children. 

Adapting to online relationships and sex education training during COVID-19

During this Coronavirus outbreak, we will not be running any training in physical buildings but we are excited that we are still able to provide our standard RSE training, and the accreditation, by video conferencing software. We are also running teacher training courses and pa

Inspiring RSE educators to reach the most vulnerable

Gareth, our Esteem Network Director, has been working with the education team at a tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) secure inpatient unit for the past 7 years.