Esteem clubs in Nigeria

Last November, we told you about CEO Sarah Smith’s visit to Nigeria where she delivered our 4 day Esteem relationships and sex education training to our colleagues at ACET Nigeria.

Reaching children marginalized by deafness

ACET DRC’s aim is to improve the sexual and reproductive health of young people, through educational sessions delivered in schools and youth clubs, strengthened by ‘listening centres’ where students can seek further support on personal concerns they cannot discuss in a group.

Belarus: Changing Attitudes

Through their education in schools and colleges, as well as talk shows and club meetings, ACET Belarus teaches young people about relationships and sexual health, HIV prevention, STIs, drugs and alcohol abuse.

The Future of RSE

In early 2018, we took part in a consultation inviting views on the content of statutory relationships education for primary schools, and relationships and sex education (RSE) for secondary schools.

Salt and Light September 2018

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Happy 30th birthday!

The ACET family was founded in 1988 by Dr Patrick Dixon, as a compassionate response to the HIV pandemic.

The RSE consultation summarised

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 required the Secretary of State for Education to make the subjects of Relationships Education at primary and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at secondary compulsory through regulations.

The Esteem network is growing!

During the past academic year, we welcomed 54 new members to the Esteem network of relationships and sex educators, after they attended one of our 4 day Esteem RSE training courses. This means more and more young people are being reached with good quality RSE.

The end of another academic year

So another academic year draws to an end, and we look back on all the relationships and sex educations sessions we have run this year with the young people of Southwark. It's been another amazing year spent with amazing young people!

Toppling the taboo – supporting parents/carers

This month we have delivered two parents’ workshops in Kent, supporting parents and carers in how to have conversations with their children about bodies, relationships and sex.

Salt and Light March 2018

The latest edition of the Salt and Light newsletter shares stories about education projects which your donations make possible. Whether in the UK or overseas, culturally sensitive relationships and sex education has such a positive impact on people’s lives.

Challenging language

In our ‘relationships and consent’ sessions with year 10 or 11, we start off by asking students to write down any words they can think of, that are used today as words for sex.