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ACET Uganda

Established in 1990, ACET Uganda’s mission is to catalyse the development of HIV responses at all levels of society; to build the capacity of the church and civil society organizations to sustain HIV responses at local and international level; and to provide psychosocial education and support to young people.

They have offices in Kampala, Kitgum, Mbale and Pader which support the following projects -

Training: ACET Uganda trains teachers, church leaders, and peer educators on HIV awareness and prevention as well as comprehensive sexual health education.

Support for Vulnerable Children and Orphans: This project focuses on improving the livelihoods of those most vulnerable through activities such as vocational skills training and village savings and loan associations (VSLAs). They also encourage advocacy for orphans’ rights through establishing Orphan Affairs Councils where orphans and vulnerable children can use their experience to speak out and educate their peers and the wider public.

Lifeskills Education: ACET Uganda works directly with local schools to deliver their lifeskills education programme to reduce the vulnerability of young people to HIV and support them in making healthy choices.

Special Projects: ACET Uganda works in partnership with other organisations, such as Friends of ACET Uganda (FAU) and Rianna’s Fund UK to construct and establish local schools and orphanages.

Consultancy and Specialised Services: ACET Uganda uses their vast experience to provide technical support to other organisations on HIV and AIDS related issues, capacity building, project cycle management, materials and resource development, and exposure visit facilitation.

Friends of ACET Uganda

Friends of ACET Uganda (FAU) are a devoted group of acet UK supporters who have a particular heart to see the invaluable work of ACET Uganda sustained. Find out more here.