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ACET Nigeria is an indigenous not for profit organisation founded in 2006 and formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in January 2007 (CAC/IT/NO 22841). Nigeria has the 2nd highest HIV burden globally due to high levels of stigma, poor health services, few sexual and reproductive health interventions, low uptake of antenatal services, and increased vulnerability and displacement of citizens due to prolonged ethno-religious conflict.

Against this background, ACET Nigeria currently works in high burden local government areas across four states and the capital of Abuja. Our vision is a Nigeria where people are free from HIV and AIDS and the infected/affected are cared for and supported holistically. ACET Nigeria’s mission is to provide sustainable prevention, treatment, and compassionate care and support to improve the health and livelihood of people living with HIV and AIDS and related diseases.

This mission is achieved by building the capacity of local churches and communities to prevent HIV infections, reduce stigma, scale up testing and treatment services in rural areas, and mitigate the psychosocial impact of HIV and AIDS on communities, particularly for orphans and vulnerable children.