Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

ACET Latvia

ACET Latvia, or Mēs un Nākotne as we are known in Latvian schools, is a group of educators who lead lectures in Latvia’s high schools about HIV, sex, and relationships. Our work is important because relationships and sex education is sadly lacking in our schools. We provide clear and understandable information about HIV and AIDS and offer fresh viewpoints about developing relationships. We teach students about these important things so they can first think, and then act. We started delivering these lectures in 2008 and are moving forward slowly but surely.

Our work also includes organized informal events where young people can ask questions about what they have learned, form friendships, and have fun in a drug and alcohol free environment.

In the summer we host training seminars for lectors so if you want to join the ACET Latvia team, you are very welcome!