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ACET CCP in Tshelanyemba, Zimbabwe continue to distribute food packs. To reduce COVID-19 risk, coordinators organized carts to deliver the June food packs to 786 people. Social distancing was in place and masks were worn. People illegally crossing the Botswana and Southern African to return home are posing a serious infection risk, so the Tshelanyemba Rapid Response Team is working hard to identify these people, teach them about self-quarantining, and carry out COVID-19 tests and regular support visits.

The Nireekshana ACET clinic in Hyderabad, India, is currently closed but telephone consultations and counselling for HIV patients have been put in place. 300 families are being supported with supplies of rice, dahl, and oil and they will also be provided with face masks and soap made by the Mallika Project ladies, who continue to be supported on an individual basis.

In Thailand, lockdown meant that local residents were unable to visit and donate money, meals, rice, basic foods, and clothing to the House of Grace orphanage in Chantaburi. The start of the new school year was delayed from May until July, but the children are now back at school. 

With the schools re-opening, the CET Thailand team in Singburi hope to resume their SMART-life education programme in secondary schools soon. During lockdown, the ACET team helped distribute rice, cooking oil and other staple foods to HIV clients unable to work because of lockdown. Due to COVID-19 procedures in local hospitals, the wait for medicines has been lengthy and tiring for elderly patients, so the ACET team has been collecting and delivering their medicines for them.A