Global Parent's Day: Simple, fun activities to boost your child’s confidence

Happy Global Day of Parents!

Created by the UN in 2012, the global day of parent’s is celebrated annually on June 1st, to show appreciation for parent’s "selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship."

In light of this, we’re celebrating all the amazing parents and carers out there by sharing some fun and simple activities to help boost your child’s confidence and strengthen relationship skills.


1. The Compliment Jar

compliment jar

  • What you’ll need: A small jar, slips of paper, and a pen.
  • How it works: Encourage family members to write down compliments or positive observations about each other and place them in the jar. Every so often, gather together and read them out loud.
  • Why it helps: Doing this activity together helps children recognise and appreciate both their own strengths and the strengths of others and helps to build positive self esteem.


2. Family Game Nights

  • What you’ll need: Board games, card games, or even DIY games.
  • How it works: Set aside an evening for a family game night. Choose games that make use of teamwork, strategy, and communication.
  • Why it helps: Playing games together helps to foster cooperation and improve communication skills, and helps children experience the joy of both winning and learning to celebrate when others win.


3. Adventure Walks

girl walking through flowers in forest

  • What you’ll need: Comfortable shoes and a sense of adventure.
  • How it works: Go on walks in your local area, and turn them into mini-adventures. Look out for interesting plants, animals, or landmarks and talk about them.
  • Why it helps: Going on walks like this encourages curiosity, provides a relaxed environment for open conversations, and helps strengthen the parent-child bond.


4. Storytelling

  • What you’ll need: Books, or just your imagination.
  • How it works: Take turns telling stories. You can read from a book or create your own tales. Encourage your child to be the storyteller.
  • Why it helps: Storytelling enhances creativity, improves language skills, and helps to build confidence as children express themselves and their ideas.


5. DIY Compliment Posters

  • What you’ll need: Poster boards, markers, stickers, and other craft supplies.
  • How it works: Create personalised posters with your child’s name in the middle. Family members can add positive words, drawings, or stickers that describe the child.
  • Why it helps: This visual reminder of positive qualities can boost self-esteem and be a daily confidence booster.


6. Acts of Kindness Challenge

  • What you’ll need: A list of simple acts of kindness.
  • How it works: Create a challenge where each family member has to complete a certain number of kind acts each week. Share your experiences at the end of the week.
  • Why it helps: Engaging in acts of kindness encourages empathy and helps children build positive relationships with others.


Parenting isn’t always easy and definitely comes with its own set of challenges, but it doesn’t have to all be serious business. Sometimes, the best times can be had enjoying simple activities that bring you closer together. This Global Day of Parents, enjoy celebrating the unique relationship you’re building - you’re doing an amazing job!