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Help protect vulnerable young people in Sub-Saharan Africa from HIV

Help us raise £15,018 in one week in December, to protect vulnerable young people in Sub-Saharan Africa from HIV. Support our work in the Big Give Christmas Challenge between midday on the 3rd and midday on the 10th of December and our pledgers will match your gift.

AIDS-related illnesses are the leading cause of death amongst young people (aged 10-24) in Africa. 84% of the young people living with HIV worldwide are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lack of education is a major problem, as is destructive misinformation from pornography - both of which can lead to risky sexual activity. Sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) is also a key driver of HIV. Orphans, adolescent sex workers and children in communities with high levels of HIV and SGBV are particularly vulnerable.

Complete the webform below and we will send you an email, after the Big Give opens on December 3rd, to remind you to take part. The money we raise together in the Big Give Christmas Challenge will fund three projects in Sub-Saharan Africa during 2020:


Addressing the drivers of HIV, including stigma, poverty and gender inequality, ACET Nigeria reaches hundreds of young people with quality relationships and sex education through their Kids’ and Esteem Clubs; and provides HIV testing, counselling and treatment adherence support. Find out more.

Zimbabwe - The Shining Star Project

The Nehemiah Project's Shining Star Project trains girls engaged in sex work as peer educators, equipping them to provide sexual health messages to other female sex workers. Peer educators are also helped to exit sex work through counselling, and vocational and business skills training. Find out more.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Challenging harmful norms, including gender inequality and sexual violence, ACET DRC volunteers provide relationships and sex education sessions for young people in schools and life skills clubs; and offer counselling for survivors of sexual violence at their 'listening centres.' Find out more.



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