Take part in our Primary school pilot scheme

We are currently piloting free-of-charge Primary Relationships Education sessions and are looking for London schools to take part. Please contact Rachel at or click the button below if your school would like to participate.

A primary school classroom

Current prices

Secondary school RSE session delivery

  • Standard Esteem RSE session of up to 1 hour
  • Boys Project (6 sessions)
  • Girls Project (7 sessions)

Price range: £200 - £350 per session. The price per session will depend on your requirements, location, and what funding we have access to. For instance, we currently have some grant funding for RSE delivery in Southwark.

Form time RSE Q&A:
  • £150 for 60 minutes of video content.
Parent workshops:
  • £350 - £575 per workshop depending on the length, your requirements, location, and what funding we have access to.


Accredited RSE course:
  • £300 per person for the standard course (includes first-year membership of the Esteem network).
  • £500 per person for the course and membership plus submission for level 4 accreditation in 'Teaching RSE.'
1-day Teacher training in RSE:
  • £125 per person without first year's membership of Esteem network (on a public course).
  • £180 per person including first year's membership of Esteem network (on a public course).
  • £950 for a closed course for up to 8 teachers without first year's membership of Esteem network.
  • £1100 for a closed course for up to 8 teachers including first year's membership of Esteem network.
  • Please contact us for a quite for larger groups.
Fullness course:
  • £50 per person on a public course
  • Please contact us for a price for arranging your own course.
Bespoke training:
  • £350 - £575 guide price for a half-day workshop. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Esteem network membership

Your first year's membership is included in the accredited course training fee. There is also an option to include the first year's membership with the teacher training fee.

Each year, membership can be renewed for:

  • Organisation £115 per year (or £10 a month direct debit)
  • Lone worker £57.50 per year (or £5 a month direct debit)
  • School (up to 8 trained teachers) £200 per year

All our sessions are delivered by experienced and accredited RSE trainers.

The statutory guidance for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) acknowledges the value of schools using external speakers to complement the RSE delivered by school staff. Point 5.1 of the guidance states, “Working with external organisations can enhance delivery of these subjects, bringing in specialist knowledge and different ways of engaging with young people.”

We know that schools want to provide the best possible RSE for their students but that many teachers lack sufficient confidence or knowledge to deliver the full range of topics. Using experienced, specialist external speakers as well as school staff to deliver this important subject enriches students’ learning by bringing in different perspectives and expertise into the classroom.

Additionally, studies carried out in the UK have reported that students greatly appreciate some of their RSE being provided by outside expert speakers (Pound et al. 2016) and working with external speakers may be “associated with better sexual health outcomes, including remaining sexually inactive, later age of first intercourse, and condom use” (Young et al. 2018).

Using external experts also contributes to the wider development of the RSE curriculum in the school, by building the school’s capacity to deliver high-quality RSE, meet the requirements of the statutory guidance, and engage with parents and carers.

Schools should most definitely be in control of their RSE curriculum design and delivery, but there may be areas where external visitor input can improve RSE provision. The schools we work with take different approaches: in some, we deliver a full range of RSE topics; in others, we deliver key RSE topics that the school has highlighted as needing extra expertise; and, in a few, we have provided staff training in RSE and are now supporting the school as a member of our Esteem network of RSE educators.