See it Shout it

people playing cards on a table

Having the confidence to say relationships, sex and anatomical terms out loud is something teenagers and adults may both struggle with. Different people may not be confident to say a variety of terms from vulva to ejaculation and period. 

A lack of verbal confidence to say key terms can severely limit a young person's ability to ask the questions they are worried about. In a structured and fun way, this game exists to help people grow more confident in using these words. Each card in the game has 6 icons that represent a different relationship, sex or anatomical term. 

When players match an icon from their card to a central card they shout out the relevant word. The game rhythm helps participants practice saying these terms in a safe, low-pressure context. Everyone is in the same position, focused on matching the next card and saying their own words. 

The game works fantastically with small groups both in youth clubs and schools. This resource is a huge help to anyone wanting to start having conversations in contexts where these topics have been difficult to raise. Tested with different groups and improved from working with young people and adults in a number of contexts, the icons chosen reflect terms that have been shown to open the most interesting and helpful discussions. We encourage the game to be used both with young people and adults - many staff teams will have fun and grow in their own confidence with the resource before using it with young people. 

How to play:

Place 1 card face up in the centre. Deal an equal number of cards to everyone playing (2-6 players). Everyone looks at the top card of their deck and tries to be the first to find which icon on their top card matches one of the icons on the centre card (there will always be a match). When they find the match, they shout out the name of the icon and put down their card on top of the centre card. Play now continues with players trying to match an icon on their top card to the new centre card. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins. 

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