Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Physical resources

Healthy Relationships Youth Worker Resource Pack


A resource pack to help youth workers talk with young people about healthy relationships. 

These resources aims to help young people start to think and explore what it means to build healthy connections with people. The activities talk about both friendships and romantic (or dating) relationships. The activities are designed to work with young people aged 11-18 but some of the material may work best with 13+ youth group. The resource pack can be used with any type of youth group.

Included in the pack 

Example cards from healthy relationships pack
Price: £12.50

Yes and no tote bag (consent)


This Fairtrade cotton tote bag has a word cloud of possible verbal responses designed to facilitate discussions about consent. An important skill in any healthy relationship (romantic or friendship) is knowing when and how you want to say no and equally when and how you want to say yes. Many young people have heard that they have the right to say no but may struggle in expressing their wishes.

Medium sized tote bag with words printed
Price: £6.50

Genital bunting / fabric flip book


Genitals come in all shapes, sizes and colours yet most textbooks only show one diagram of example genitals. We created this resource for educators who wanted to show that variation is normal. The resource includes 16 unique colour illustrations: 8 vulvas and 8 penises. Printed in high resolution on 30cm felt fabric squares, each piece of bunting has metal eyelets to allow the diagrams to be displayed as bunting or held together as fabric flip books. The diagrams are realistic and show the pelvic area between the legs including the anus, perineum, vulva or scrotum and penis.

Example image of blank bunting
Price: £60.00