Boys' and Girls' Projects

Boys' Project - 6 sessions 
  • Becoming a good man – explores whether rites of passage and the law are helpful in terms of understanding when a boy has become a man. Looks at the potential qualities and characteristics of a good man. 
  • The “R” word – allows boys to consider what it means to respect others and what this looks like practically in their own lives. Highlights that respect is a choice and how important our choices are, in terms of responding to situations. 
  • Let's talk about girls - challenges negative attitudes some men may have about women. Enables boys to identify and challenge wrong messages about women in the media and to explore appropriate boundaries for boys when relating to girls. 
  • Love v Lust – explores how different people give and receive love, the difference between love and lust, and the language of consent. 
  • The media and your mind – encourages boys to critically analyse unrealistic, inaccurate, and negative portrayals of relationships and sex in the media, including pornography. 
  • Safe or Sorry? – the final session covers penis hygiene and sexual health. Encourages boys is to take responsibility for themselves including checking for testicular cancer.
Girls' Project - 7 sessions 
  • Standards of beauty – explores cultural and societal standards of beauty and how they can influence our self-esteem. 
  • Media’s Mixed Messages (2 sessions) – explores the impact of social media as well as the subliminal messages portrayed in the media. 
  • See me (2 sessions) - explores the topic of intimacy, healthy and unhealthy behaviours/boundaries in relationships, as well as the legal components for consent. 
  • Safe and sound – raises awareness of sexual exploitation, as well as how to identify signs of abuse within a relationship, including reporting methods. 
  • Under pressure – explores peer pressure and its impact on relationships and sex.