Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

What do young people say about Esteem?

"These lessons have made me think about things and they have taught me why to delay sex. Thanks I've learnt a lot." Year 8 student 

“It was very informative and discussed stuff that normally wouldn’t be socially acceptable. It made me a lot more aware of stuff I wanted to know but didn’t know how else to find out” Year 10 student 

“The presenters are enthusiastic and pass that enthusiasm onto us the students. I definitely gained a deeper understanding in making a more informed sexual decision whether it be physically, mentally or socially.” Year 12 student 


 “On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate today’s lesson 100 because it was a fantastic lesson and it was jam-packed with lots of new things to learn.” Year 8 student 

“I liked the way you included us in a fun way and taught us valuable information in a great way that will make us remember.” Year 7 student 

"It has changed my attitude towards people with AIDS – I won't judge others." Year 9 student 

“It was an informal way to learn about topics which affect people our age, including myself. The sessions really helped me to reflect upon myself and my relationship and make improvements where I can.” Year 12 student 

“It helped me to understand more about why we shouldn’t take naked pictures and its consequences.” Year 9 student 

“It has made me feel good about myself because before I wasn’t confident with myself but at the end I was inspired.” Year 7 student

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