What do teachers say about Esteem lessons?

"I have always found the work Esteem do to be so important to us at Compass. Their knowledge and skills in this area have been nothing short of vital for all students. They have helped us meet the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) statutory targets, offering amazing CPD on the subject as well. The team have managed to build a great rapport with the students, meaning they are able to come in and deliver like they are a core part of our community. This, in turn, means the students have a respect for them and trust so that all the important questions can be asked and answered."

Head of Citizenship/Relating at Compass School, Southwark

"The students have finally been given the opportunity to talk about something that is relevant to them. They normally don't have the chance to talk about sex to adults. Extremely well-delivered session. Well done."

Form Tutor

"We have worked with acet UK for the last 4 years or more – especially in partnership with Esther and Paul who have contributed hugely to our RSE curriculum delivery here at Ark All Saints Academy. we have nothing but positive feedback to give about acet UK and their work with our young people. Their sessions are delivered with passion and enthusiasm – and this means that the children engage really well. We often see a noticeable increase in positive behaviour across the year groups that receive their sessions from Esther and Paul on that day - they are all fully absorbed in the sessions and share their enjoyment of them with staff. Content is always covered accurately, sensitively, and informatively and this is further checked in monitoring and evaluation across the year. Esther and Paul are efficient, punctual, reliable and flexible – and there have been many times when they have been able to make things work on short notice due to the Academy’s inconveniences! During the pandemic, they have stepped up to continue providing exemplary RSE sessions and adapted to make this work given the limiting circumstances. I hope we continue to work in partnership for many more years to come."

Behaviour Coordinator & Citizenship Lead at Ark All Saints Academy, Camberwell.

"The acet sessions are fantastic! I'd highly recommend them and Rachel is amazing!"

Teacher at Hayes Park Primary

“The content and delivery were excellent as usual. The lessons have definitely enhanced the students’ understanding of sexual issues in terms of emotional impact. Very worthwhile information delivered in an interactive and engaging format.”

Head of RE

“The lessons were lively, informative, and engaging. The presenters skillfully elicited the students’ knowledge and enabled them to feel comfortable. The information is important to young boys and girls.”

Head of Health and Social Care

“These lessons would benefit other schools as it gives an opportunity for profound thinking and questioning of values and preconceived ideas.”

Head of Mathematics

“The material was well suited to the age group. They now have a better understanding of the negative effect pornography can have on young people. It was an excellent lesson.”


“The leaders had an excellent way with the pupils and dealt with issues sensitively and without patronising. All students could benefit from such open discussions.”


“This lesson gave the students a better understanding of body image in society. I needed this as a young person but never got it. This would have made parts of my life easier. Young people need this."

Science Teacher